Man Beaten Up For Allegedly Eloping With A Gau Rakshak’s Wife On Guru Purnima

NAGPUR - Mohammed Ali, a 43-year-old carpenter, was assaulted in full public view by 69 gau rakshaks (cow vigilantes) in Bawankule, Nagpur, on suspicion of running away with the wife of a gau rakshak.

Police came to Mohammed’s rescue immediately after his video of being booted in the face went viral in just a little under four hours.

Speaking on the mob violence, Deputy Inspector, Gautam Rathod, said, “We have arrested Mohammed, because he’s minority and he was ‘suspected’ to have had plans to run away with Abhilasha, even though we already know that she's run away with Mithun - the brother of Abhilasha's husband.”

The police interrogated the sixty eight men (excluding the husband) who beat up Mohammed left, right and centre, and felt that the accident could have happened to anyone and let them go.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has strongly criticised Mohammed for taking a walk in the same place and at the same time the gau rakshak’s wife made her successful bid with Mithun.

Mohammed’s second father, Habibullah, not having any money to bail his son, stood outside the police station and cried in pain, “Why should they keep targeting us! I thought they had Pakistan for their target practice.”

Fellow gau rakshaks felt that Abhilasha’s husband, an esteemed gau rakshak, who was responsible for lynching to death three “sinners” in the past four days felt that “his pretty small d**k” must have caused her to move on to his brother.

“Mithun was a rebel. He never listened to his brother.” Said, Nithesh Aggarwal, a senior gau rakshak. “He would eat beef, pork, mutton, and now he is going to eat his brother’s wife.” Nithesh concluded, licking his lips. 

What agitated the gau rakshaks, more than the eloping itself was the fact that they suspected Mohammed had made plans of running away with Abhilasha on Guru Purnima - a special day for the Hindus, where men slept on the laps of their wives as the wives would pluck all the hair off the chests of their husbands and bury the plucked hair in the North side of an open land to attain a lifetime of togetherness and prosperity.

The scorned gau rakshak, who hid his face behind a lotus flower, as he did not want to be seen after the intense mortification, said, “I was waiting for tonight so badly. I was even applying castor oil on my chest for the last 11 months and kept growing all that hair for tonight, but now they are all in vain.” Enraged, Abhilasha’s husband sobbed and started plucking his own hair.

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